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Meet Your Instructor

Isaiah's Origin Story 

I had an extremely unorthodox upbringing for the 90s—I was homeschooled around the world as a military kid. I had no context for “business.” As I was thrust into situations to negotiate, close deals, and lead over 50 people as an executive at age 23, I had to meticulously understand skills that didn’t come naturally: communication, relationships, and management.

Gallup StrengthsFinders assesses 34 strengths. Most are surprised to know where “communication” falls on my strengths list: dead last! Learning, however, is my number 1. For whatever reason, breaking obtuse things into their concrete skills is my obsession. I believe anything may be learned as a skill and that “talent” is a bullshit concept.

I struggled with my extreme introversion in a world where most business tactics are taught by extremely extroverted “gurus” who use the dominance of words and expression to win, rather than substance and depth of value. A CEO took a bet on me that I could impact his business, hiring me from debate coach to P&L leader.

Two years later I’d built an entire service line, with 55 team members, and over $35M in business I’d closed myself, and solved every problem from health insurance to recruiting to how to report to clients. I even negotiated a multimillion-dollar deal in a conference room with senior government officials where at first they thought I was the intern!

I’m now a communications coach for some of the world’s top companies, CEOs, pro athletes, and students trying to match the journey that I did. And closed over $50M in deals and venture capital. I’ve coached 10 national 1st place champions in speech and debate while training thousands in their introduction to the depths of communication as substance rather than expression.

I’ve been in every management situation…

  • Turned 1-star reviews into 5-star reviews
  • ​Been cursed out in a board meeting
  • ​Had to step in and suddenly lead a multimillion-dollar deal
  • ​Hire and fire key employees of all stripes
  • ​Plan for delivery of great news and international disasters
  • ​Start and shut down major initiatives and companies

How I acquired the skills to do this is something I’ve been documenting for 20 years, while watching and learning to see if these worked. I’ve tried them out from every angle… up against McKinsey consultants, in the legal field, in high-pressure management situations, raising millions from VCs, and in your everyday marketing, emails, and meetings.

I believe that “it’s better to give than receive” is not only the ultimate value proposition, but the winning proposition—I can’t wait to show you how. It’s taken me 20 years of experimentation, philosophy, taxonomies, consulting models, high-pressure situations with global executives, over 1,000 presentations, amazing books, and building high-performance teams to develop a model and method of learning the model in your context that I guarantee will accelerate your results, joy, and impact.