The Physical Therapist Sales Dojo: Accelerate the Uncommon Skills that Drive Revenue.

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When what you care about is results for your client, talking about money can be hard. We’ve found that a few simple mental models and well-being practices baked into your communication can help you hold the line to premium prices and help clients make longer term commitments.

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Customer Testimonial - Dr. Josh Moreali PMPT (PT/Owner)

Our Services

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Private Dojos

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Sales Playbook 

Meet Our Founder

Isaiah McPeak

Your guide, Isaiah, has lived a couple lifetimes of high stakes communication as a builder of nearly 10 businesses, Fortune 10 consultant, negotiator, deal closer, intelligence analyst, VC fundraiser, author+ speaker, and debate coach for 20 years. He's a communication coach for pro athletes, executives, politicians, decisionmakers, interns, and high school students.

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Do you struggle with:

  • Tough Money Conversations 
  • Handling Price Objections
  • Handling Angry Patients
  • ​Referrals & Upselling 
  • ​Grounding in a Common Framework 

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All Our Services

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Private Dojos

A weekly roleplay-driven coaching where your therapists and practitioners rapidly develop their skills and way of being at the following:

  • ​Discovery 
  • Negotiation
  • Closing 
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Company Workshops

For PT firms that want to drive more revenue by upping their communication skills. Let's dive into real live examples, live. 

Inside this workshop, you will learn:

  • The Trust Model 
  • The 3 Key Principals of Client Engagement 
  • How and When to Ask The Right Questions 
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Sales Playbook 

From veterans to new hires get your team on the same page with a tailored Sales Playbook. Prep specific client personas and objections with a framework proven to build trust. 

  • Battle Cards for Specific Customer Types
  • Trust Framework Training and Examples for New Hires
  • A Guide to Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, and Closing More Revenue 

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