Communication skills are the difference-maker for overseas tech teams doing business in the USA.

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Here's how to develop the business communication skills that mean retention, revenue, and prestige with USA clients.

Testimonials from tech team members

Why is it hard?

  • Organizing your thoughts in English is hard
  • Business communication requires deep training
  • Technical communication is too tactical for business stakeholders
  • Identical meaning across cultures usually lack matching words
  • It's scary to speak honestly with confidence to clients
  • Saying direct "No" feels foreign, yet is expected in the USA

We Make Communication your secret weapon

  • Transform from tactical to strategic in your team communications
  • Confidence is built in sharing bad news necessary in tech projects
  • Craft crisp storytelling that sells ideas and expands business
  • Personal speaking habits change to high impact clarity
  • Team members become better employees and leaders
  • ​Employees, employers, families, and friends all see the difference

Research across Forbes, Fortune Magazine, and Harvard Business all shows the same three crucial missing skills for tech employees.

How do we know?

Our coaches have used communication as their tech superpowers for decades, leading venture-backed tech teams, development agencies, and massive transformations inside of Fortune 500 technology organizations.


Turned around failing USA companies by overseas teams with skill-trained overseas engineers.

High Stakes

We’ve trained the teams for Fortune 500s like HP and Raytheon, AI teams, and startups raising millions from VCs.


Best Presentation” at Austin ProductCamp conference for case study on tech team skills transforming the bottom line. “How we cut costs 30% and increased output 40-90% by every metric” was a hit.

10 yrs

We have run a software development agency in Asia where each and every engineer is trusted to communicate directly with clients.

Decision Maker

Your coaches are also practitioners. We decide on huge software budgets and know what decision makers need.


National 1st place champions coached in speech and debate. These skills transfer!

How a Dojo Works

Communication skills are more caught than taught

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