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Our mission is to equip next up leaders, managers, and those taking on new responsibilities with the uncommon skills they need to excel.

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Our Services

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Private Company Dojos

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Emergency Coaching

Meet Our Founder

Isaiah McPeak

Your guide, Isaiah, has lived a couple lifetimes of high stakes communication as a builder of nearly 10 businesses, Fortune 10 consultant, negotiator, deal closer, intelligence analyst, VC fundraiser, author+ speaker, and debate coach for 20 years. He's a communication coach for pro athletes, executives, politicians, decisionmakers, interns, and highschool students.

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Do you struggle with:

  • Giving your team feedback on items that will push the needle forward?
  •  Your team being mislaIigned on all the wrong priorities?
  •  Your team not performing fast enough?
  • Having a massive decision to make is causing you stress and anxiety?
  • ​Trusting your team execute on what they're supposed to?

What Our Clients Say


"You were very instrumental in getting us ready for our conversation with Bumble. Speaking of, the meeting went great! The conversation flowed and went back forth."

Director of Operations for Kikupal


"Isaiah McPeak is one of the quickest professionals I have ever met at jumping in and making a difference. And even though he moves so quickly, he somehow figures out a way to be inclusive with all of the team members so that they are completely included in the identification and solve for the business issues identified. Transformation is tough, but it is made easier when you have people like Isaiah being part of the process."

2x CEO of growth startups


"He has helped me get to a level of depth on communicating what will really stick, with no fluff, and how to communicate that to Fortune 2000 execs. He helps me continuously strive to add a "human" element to the way I think about engaging the market. Pound for pound, he's the best outside in thinker and strategist I've met in a long time."

CEO/Founder at The Austin Agency

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All Our Services

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Private Sales Dojos

A weekly roleplay-driven coaching where your account managers and sales team rapidly develops their skills and way of being at the following:

  • ​Discovery
  • Negotiation
  • ​Demo
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Company Workshops

For exec communications workshop for next up leaders who need to report to senior managers. It eliminates word salad and improves the quality and speed of decision making in your company.

Inside this workshop, you will learn:

  • Executive launch frame model
  • Pyramid principle for clarity
  • Real world examples from Isaiah’s high stakes meetings
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Emergency Coaching

In a pickle? Have a high-stakes dealing coming? Difficult situation that was put on you but don't know how to navigate?

Some example items to talk about in emergency coaching:

  • Live Negotiation Practicum
  • Preparation for that last minute meeting that could close the deal
  • How Peacemakers Persuade: Polka-Dotted Mental Model

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